About Us

Chirag Ka Rojgar is a path breaking Mass Rural Talent Outreach Initiative, connecting rural talent to Gainful Employment Opportunities.
For the Corporate & Government entities, this initiative is the gateway to an untapped talent pool bringing with it, the opportunity to customize talent as per Industry needs.

Rural Talent ~ Industry Connect

Absence of Virgin database for Non Managerial profiles, Frontline Profiles and Blue collared Workers.

Absence of ainstitutionalized connect with the 1stTime Employee.

Lower Levels ofknowledge & absence ofcertification, a huge barrier.

HigherCost involved in recruiting through Intermediaries.

Absence organized,Talent ~ IndustryConnect.

Our Passionate Team

Mr. Chirag Paswan is Founder & Director of "Chirag ka Rozgar". He represents Lok Sabha, Jamui as a Member of the Parliament. Mr. Paswan is a man of action and he has sublime confidence of Youth, he has became a popular & strong face among youths with his charismatic & dynamic personality.

Not only he is very enthusiastic in terms of conveying an awareness message to youth, but he is good enough in understanding the depth of condition & magnitude of problem, and is always eager to work towards finding a solution.

Being a Prominent young Politician from a State Like Bihar where a large part of population is unemployment or underemployed, brings a huge responsibility to his soldiers. He used to encounter many skilled but unemployed people seeking for job, at same time he also saw, how industries face problem in recruiting efficient people on Job. The idea to mediate these to different edges sprout in his mind which gave birth to the innovative company to provide.

Mr. Vivek kumar Idolizes the New Age Indian, having his roots embedded in a rural landscape & expansive understanding of the Rural Social fabric, a Vibrant & Chalant mind to question the established paradigms in the Urbane setup. Vivek has utilized his extensive understanding of the rural landscape to evolve his thoughts & making it big on the professional front, as a credible Human Resource Professional in Fast paced Technology Intensive organizations.

Sustainable Employment – The Key to an Empowered Nation!!!

Vivek has a firm faith in his vision statement. Sustainable upliftment of the Society, be it economic or ideological can only happen by enabling the transition of the Rural eligible population & making them employable. The current paradigm needs to be challenged & it must make way for enablement of the rural masses. Vivek believes that the rural masses need to come out of the ideology of Grants & Subsidies, while maintaining the focus on Primary Industries, they need to be sensitive to empower themselves with skills and look at their holistic development. Today, it is imperative for them to transform their outlook towards employment & revenue generation.

The corporate entities, as Vivek feels, on the other hand need to relive their “Go Rural” strategy beyond treating them as a market for their commodities. The corporate entities need to imbibe the soul to this mission by taking Job Opportunities to the Rural masses. Today’s reality is, employment can be generated only in big towns which leads to rural exodus which is actually not sustainable.

As per Vivek, Skill Orientation is the biggest building block in this transformation. The Rural society still at the thought & action level aspires for Security & Surety – A Government Job, A Government Scheme or A Government Grant. The focus thus end with the Literacy levels & successive attempts at government employment. Vivek firmly believes that the need of the hour is to break free of these shackles & focus on Skill Building.

Skill Augmentation at the primary level will create multifold opportunities for employment & self-employment, Change the outlook of the new self-sustainable society at the Social, Economic, Ideological, Political & a National level. The only mantra that can revitalize the Rural Society to let go off the micro thought process on local issues is the unrelenting focus on Skill Development.
The Corporate entities must also walk their side of the path to encourage this untapped rural potential by enabling Skill development Indfrasture & sponsorship to the Rural backdrop & generate employment opprotunities in the rural backdrop.

The journey for Vivek has just begun & with each small step, he is living his vision on the path of creating a vibrant & Skill enabled India.

Mr. Saurabh Pandey is Founder Director of Chirag ka Rozgar.. A law graduate and a social worker. Mr. Pandey possesses excellent leadership quality. The most amazing thing he possesses is the ability in decision making, and turning complex issues into simple ones. Mr. Pandey keeps our company organized and makes it work flawlessly.

He also serves as General Secretary of Chirag Foundation and director of CSP sports Management. The Chirag Foundation works for holistic development of society and CSP Sports is promoting boxing in India.

Mr. Amresh Mishra is Director of "Chirag ka Rozgar". He is a Master of Arts in Rural Development. The best part of Mr. Mishra is his Management instinct. His skill of planning, strategy building, and industry connect is brilliant keeps our company managed & well co-ordinated and also helps it to overcome any difficulty.

Not only he is very enthusiastic in terms of conveying an awareness message to youth, but he is good enough in understanding the depth of condition & magnitude of problem, and is always eager to work towards finding a solution.

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