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    Mr. Chirag Paswan

Chirag Paswan One of the youngest and the most talented MPs in the current Lok Sabha, Mr. Paswan represents Jamui Parliamentary Constituency. Always a man of action he combines the confidence of Youth and the hindsight of an experienced campaigner. Aided by his charm & his charismatic appeal, he has become a popular face among the youth of the country.

Mr. Paswan has a liking for finding solutions to difficult problems and situations. What helps him in this is his capability to empathise especially with the youth and understand the magnitude of the problems they confront. His efforts have been instrumental in scripting many a success stories among the young generation. His eagerness to confront awkward situations and his conviction in enabling the common citizens to meet their challenges themselves is the cutting edge of his personality.

As a young parliamentarian from Bihar, Mr. Paswan bears the responsibility of confronting the problem of unemployment head-on. Bihar faces massive job crunch & underemployment and finding solution to this gigantic problem is indeed a huge responsibility.

On his numerous tours in Bihar Mr. Paswan have had a chance of meeting a cross section of very talented & skilled youngsters seeking jobs even lower down their grade. At the same time he has experienced firsthand, the problems of the corporates in finding efficient workmen for their work. The idea dear to Mr Paswan is to merge these two different factors of productivity.

Mr. Chirag Paswan  
( Founder & Director)