Our Team

Chirag Paswan One of the youngest and the most talented MPs in the current Lok Sabha, Mr. Paswan represents Jamui Parliamentary Constituency. Always a man of action he combines the confidence of Youth and the hindsight of an experienced campaigner. Aided by his charm & his charismatic appeal, he has become a popular face among the youth of the country.

Mr. Paswan has a liking for finding solutions to difficult problems and situations. What helps him in this is his capability to empathise especially with the youth and understand the magnitude of the problems they confront.

Mr. Chirag Paswan - Founder & Director

Mr. Vivek Kumar Mr. Kumar symbolizes the personality of a New Age Indian. His roots embedded in a rural set-up afford him an expansive understanding of the rural society. But at the same time he also possesses a vibrant mind to question the established paradigms in the urban set-up.

Vivek has utilized his extensive understanding of the rural & sub-urban landscape to evolve himself and make it big on the professional front. He has proved to be a creditworthy Human Resource Professional in a fast-paced Technology Intensive Organizational Platforms.

Mr. Vivek kumar - Director

Mr. Saurabh Pandey A law graduate and a social worker, Mr. Pandey possesses excellent leadership quality. The most amazing thing about him is his decision making ability and turning complex issues into simple ones. Mr. Pandey keeps our company organized and makes it work flawlessly.

He also serves as General Secretary of Chirag Foundation and Director of CSP Sports Management. The Chirag Foundation works for holistic development of society and CSP Sports is promoting boxing in India.

Mr. Saurabh Pandey - Founder & Director

Mr. Amresh Mishra The best thing about Mr. Mishra is his Management instinct. Despite having a Masters Rural Development, his skill of planning, strategy building and industry connect is brilliant. It keeps our company managed & well co-ordinated and a lso helps it to overcome road-blocks.

Amresh believes that the rural masses need to come out of the ideology of Grants & Subsidies. They need to be sensitive towards empowering themselves with skills for their holistic development. Today, it’s essential that they change their outlook towards employment & revenue generation.

Mr. Amresh Mishra - Director