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    Mr. Vivek Kumar

Mr. Vivek Kumar Mr. Kumar symbolizes the personality of a New Age Indian. His roots embedded in a rural set-up afford him an expansive understanding of the rural society. But at the same time he also possesses a vibrant mind to question the established paradigms in the urban set-up.

Vivek has utilized his extensive understanding of the rural & sub-urban landscape to evolve himself and make it big on the professional front. He has proved to be a creditworthy Human Resource Professional in a fast-paced Technology Intensive Organizational Platforms.

Sustainable Employment – The Key to an Empowered Nation!!!
Vivek has a firm faith in his vision statement. Sustainable upliftment of the Society, be it economic or ideological can only happen by enabling the transition of the eligible rural population & making them employable. The current paradigm needs to be challenged & it must make way for enablement of the rural masses.

As per Vivek, Skill Orientation is the biggest building block in this transformation. The rural society still at the thought & action level aspires for Security & Surety – A Government Job, A Government Scheme or A Government Grant. The focus thus end with the Literacy levels & successive attempts at government employment. Vivek firmly believes that the need of the hour is to break free of these shackles & focus on Skill Building.

The journey for Vivek has just begun & with each small step, he is living his vision on the path of creating a vibrant & Skill enabled India.

Mr. Vivek Kumar
( Director)